Smoak Law P.C. is a full service, personal attention, attorney  law practice with a collective team of helpful professionals serving clients in Utah. We specialize in Family Law, Criminal & Civil Litigation. Our guiding principle is to always give the extra effort to look around corners, anticipate the unexpected and to communicate openly and honestly to create the most positive outcome for our clients.


Our Attorney Philosophy 

Attorney Emily Smoak with Smoak Law P.C.It’s been said that it’s not the situation, but the reaction to the situation that matters most. My experience as a Family Law and Litigation attorney for various types of criminal and civil cases have proven this quote to be absolutely true. When faced with legal hurdles or a potential change in your family – such as divorce, divorce modifications, paternity cases, custody conflict, pending marriages with a prenuptial agreement discussions – emotions can run extremely high. The last thing you need is additional stress that can come with not having competent legal representation to assure the most favorable outcome for your family; financially and personally.

I will work to help my clients organize their case, collect pertinent information and find the best legal solution or outcome while minimizing the drama, cost and pain that often accompanies legal matters. I have nearly 24 years of experience in the courtroom and the litigation process. My clients move through a process, and hopefully, at the end, continue to move forward in a more positive way.  I have watched a spouse, mother or father, collapsed by divorce or separation, find love again, connect with their children again, and find their own joy again. I am grateful for those clients that stay in touch with me so I can share in their happiness. If you are facing challenges and wish to speak with me I would be happy to meet with you.

— Emily Broadhead Smoak.