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Salt Lake City Family and Divorce Attorney Emily Smoak

Smoak Law, P.C. out of Salt Lake City, Utah specializes in divorce/family law. Emily Smoak is a Salt Lake City family law lawyer with over 25 years’ experience in family law and divorce, along with paternity and child support matters.

Salt Lake City divorce lawyer Emily Smoak has secured legal and physical custody for fathers and mothers.  She has negotiated multi-million dollar settlements in high-asset cases. She has mediated resolution in high-conflict cases. Smoak Law, P.C. has been successful in ensuring their clients keep their retirement/investment pre-marital monies and interest accrued during the marriage. Salt Lake City family law attorney Emily Smoak has been successful in bench and jury trials throughout her career, ranging from divorce and custody matters, personal injury, lawsuits against cities, and criminal matters from murder to assault, and everything in-between.

Top Rated Salt Lake City Family Law Attorney

AV Superior and AVVO 10 rated experienced Salt Lake City family law attorney practicing in all areas of family law, divorce, modification actions, criminal and civil litigation.  Smoak Law, P.C. and Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emily Smoak bring more than 25 years to the practice of law through which we can vigorously gain, support, and defend your legal goals and interests.

Why Smoak Law, P.C. in Salt Lake City?

Personal Attention:  Salt Lake City family law attorney Emily Smoak provides specialized, individual attention to each client.  You do not get lost in a large mill of cases with your only contact through a paralegal who knows little to nothing about your case.  At Smoak Law, P.C. we ensure that your calls, email and text messages are returned and your questions are answered. The problem of a Salt Lake City family law lawyer not returning calls from their client has to be one of the top complaints clients have in dealing with their lawyer.  Salt Lake City family law Attorney Smoak is available at her office or via her cell phone during office hours and all other reasonable hours if necessary.

Strategic Thinking:  Your case is as individual and important as you are.  Although there are a few issues that are black and white in the law, most areas are gray and require a very detail-oriented approach for best results.  There is no such thing as too complicated and every issue deserves close examination. Only then can you be sure you are getting the very best application of law to your particular case and issues. Salt Lake City family law attorney Emily Smoak will give your case the detailed attention and strategic thinking that it deserves and that is necessary if you are to succeed. You want to know how to walk on the path to success, but you also want to be aware of potential pitfalls and false paths that can lead to disaster.

Strength: At Smoak Law, P.C. our Salt Lake City divorce lawyer use personal attention, a detail-oriented approach and strategic thinking to provide you a strong legal team that will fight for your best interests.  You are not just another client we are working through the system with little care for the result. We want to do more than adequate for you and your loved ones. We pursue your interests and protect you from unnecessary and abusive tactics.  We provide advice and support so you have your own coping skills to use when necessary. You do not want to be pushed around if you can avoid it. You want to feel prepared, educated and protected by your legal team and we strive for excellency in these areas.  You hire Salt Lake City family law lawyer to aide and protect you through your legal process with strong legal tactics and skills.

Preparation:  Your Salt Lake City family law case will likely be resolved through either negotiation, mediation or trial.  At any of these events, you must be 100% prepared and organized to present your positions and your case through your Salt Lake City family law attorney.  At Smoak Law, P.C., we pride ourselves on being as prepared as possible, down to the smallest detail and important argument. You, as the client, must be confident that when the time comes, your Salt Lake City family law lawyer will be able to stand up for you and fight for your interests.  Lawyers must be prepared and you must be prepared. Preparation does not start right before trial or mediation. Preparation begins when the case begins. At Smoak Law, P.C. we make sure you are fully involved with your case. We send you every pleading, email or document that we receive so you know what is happening with your case at any given time.

Involvement: We like to talk strategy with you as we go along. You are involved with the preparation of pleadings, motions and declarations that must be filed on your behalf. In doing this, we create a strong Salt Lake City family law attorney-client relationship. We do not try to begin building a bond with our clients on the eve of trial. That work and understanding begins the first day we are retained and continues through a trial if that is necessary.  You will feel confident that your case has been understood and prepared to present when the time comes, at mediation or trial.

Our Salt Lake City Family Law Attorney Philosophy 

Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Emily Smoak with Smoak Law P.C.It’s been said that it’s not the situation, but the reaction to the situation that matters most. My experience as a Salt Lake City Family Law and Litigation attorney for various types of criminal and civil cases have proven this quote to be absolutely true. When faced with legal hurdles or a potential change in your family – such as divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, civil litigation, complex divorce litigation, divorce modifications, paternity cases, custody conflict, pending marriages with a prenuptial agreement, grandparental rights, protective orders, and restraining orders emotions can run extremely high.

The last thing you need is additional stress that can come with not having competent legal representation to assure the most favorable outcome for your family; financially and personally. I connect with my clients and their goals immediately. I stay in touch, answer questions and talk about strategy and different paths and goals with each client. I am happy to read email that I am sent (sometimes a lot of email with detailed ideas and questions that need attention).

At Smoak Law, P.C., our family law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah focuses on the following practice areas:

Salt Lake City Family Law Lawyers With A Track Record of Success

As Salt Lake City Family/Divorce law attorney, I will work to help my clients organize their case, collect relevant information and find the best legal solution or outcome while minimizing the drama, cost and pain that often accompanies legal matters. I have over 25 years of experience in the courtroom and the litigation process. I try to ensure my clients understand each step of the process. We prepare our positions together. I hope that in the end, my clients can have their case concluded in a way that will allow them to move forward in a more positive way. I have watched a spouse, mother or father, collapsed by divorce or separation, find love again, connect with their children again, and find their own joy again. I am grateful for those clients that stay in touch with me so I can share in their happiness. If you are facing challenges and wish to speak with me, as a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer, I would be happy to meet with you.

— Emily Broadhead Smoak.

As hard as divorce is Emily was always there to answer my questions and a pleasure to work with . She was always available to answer my questions quickly and competently. I would highly recommend her to assist you in a most unpleasant legal matter. What I found is that…

I went through a divorce and it was nasty on his part and Emily helped me through the whole thing calmly and very professionally! She knows what she’s doing and you can tell she loves what she does! She’s incredibly smart and very protective and professional! She helped me get…

Emily, was my attorney during an emotionally charged divorce and custody battle. The advice and representation was personally tailored and she handled the courtroom like a professional. Although it was a difficult time, the outcome was positive due to the work Emily put into it. I have recommended her to…

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