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Salt Lake City Criminal Law Attorney

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Salt Lake City

Criminal charges can be life-altering and there simply isn’t room for delay or error. The sooner you reach out to an experienced Salt Lake City, Utah criminal defense attorney, the sooner an effective defense strategy can be constructed. There are multiple steps that can be taken early on by a Salt Lake City criminal law lawyer that will help protect your best interests throughout the duration of your case.

While the law can feel overwhelming and complex, with the proper help, it doesn’t have to be impossible to overcome.

The stakes are much too high to face criminal charges without proper representation. Give yourself all of the advantages available and entrust your case to an experienced and skilled Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney. With a proper eye to the small details and an aggressive strategy from the onset, you can trust the absolute competency of our legal counsel.

With nearly 25 years of experience in Criminal Court, Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Emily Smoak and the Smoak Law team is committed to providing the best legal defense and will fight for your constitutional rights.

Are you Facing Criminal Charges in Salt Lake City?

In the face of criminal charges, an arrest or possibly an investigation by law enforcement, there are many unknowns. You may wonder whether you need a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney and at what point you should request legal counsel. You may have been offered a “deal” or plea bargain by the prosecuting attorney but are unsure of how this will truly affect you. You may have been told by law enforcement that they have solid evidence against you and that you have no hope of avoiding a conviction. This may not actually be the case.

At Smoak Law, P.C., our divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah focuses on the following practice areas:

How Do I Know If I Need A Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have been arrested for a crime, or are being investigated by law enforcement for any reason, you should speak to a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney who can review the charges waged against you right away.

Our Salt Lake City lawyer will discuss the totality of your case with the Prosecutor’s Office to understand exactly how they plan to handle your case. Once we have all of the information regarding your case, we will begin building our defense with the legal detail necessary to provide the best outcome for your unique circumstances.

Our Salt Lake City, Utah criminal defense attorney provides experienced representation for individuals who are facing serious charges for:

  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Drug Possession and Drug Paraphernalia Possession
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Solicitation
  • Theft Offenses
  • Traffic Citations
  • Vandalism

It is important to understand that the level of charges waged against you will dictate the severity of your case and the applicable approaches to providing solutions. Our Salt Lake City criminal defense law attorney represents those who are charged with misdemeanors and felonies, as well as those who are under investigation but have been formally charged with a crime.

The sooner we are able to get involved in your criminal case, the easier it will be to supply legal solutions. This is especially true if you have been convicted of a crime in the past, as the Prosecutor will seek a much harsher penalty for repeat offenders.

What If I Have Already Been To Court Without A Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney?

It is never too late to hire legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected inside and outside of the courtroom. If you have already been to court and realized that your interests would be better served with an attorney by your side, you are absolutely right.

Depending on the crime you are charged with, and your previous arrest record, the Prosecutor’s Office will move quickly to get you to take a deal. Keep in mind, it is the state’s obligation to prove that you are guilty of a crime. Our experienced criminal law attorney in Salt Lake City will ensure that you are not agreeing to any terms that are not in your best interest.

What If I Need A Criminal Attorney For a Friend or Family Member Who Is In Jail In Salt Lake City?

If you are seeking legal counsel for a friend or family member who is in jail, our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can arrange to visit him or her to discuss their case after we have an initial consultation with you.

The sooner you get an attorney involved in their case, the better. This will allow us to protect the rights of everyone involved, so the Prosecutor’s Office is not taking advantage of their lack of legal knowledge.

If you have been charged with a crime, or are worried about a friend or family member who has been arrested, our criminal law attorney in Salt Lake City can provide the confidence you need to face these difficult circumstances with positivity.

Salt Lake City Criminal Lawyers With A Track Record of Success

An experienced Salt Lake City criminal lawyer will play a crucial role in providing you with information that is applicable to your unique case. By taking the time to talk to you about your needs and concerns, a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can determine the best possible approach – all while representing you in the face of any questioning by law enforcement or in addressing a plea bargain offered by the District Attorney.

The lasting effects of a criminal conviction can shadow you through the rest of your life. Whether it means actual imprisonment, fines or just the mark on your criminal record, your entire future can forever be altered. If convicted, you will always have to struggle with the outcome, regardless of whether you are pursuing deals within employment, housing, education or financing. That is why it’s imperative to choose the best defense.

Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer at Smoak Law, P.C. provides aggressive representation and personalized client service to every single defendant or arrestee we help.


Smoak Law Criminal Law Attorney

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