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Family Law Lawyers Park City, Utah

Park City Family Law Attorneys

At Smoak Law, P.C., our Park City, Utah family law attorney takes complex cases and provides simple explanations for our clients, so they know exactly what to expect when entering a Summit County family courtroom. That’s why we focus on the details of your case, so no aspect of your future is left to chance.

Our Park City family law lawyer understand that the idea of taking on a former spouse to determine how your finances and shared property will be distributed may seem like a frightening subject, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our aggressive approach to producing results for you and your family is unmatched in Park CityUtah, and our successful track record reflects the personal care we provide, and our commitment to delivering solutions.

Park City, Utah Economy And Largest Employers

Park City, Utah is home to just over 8,300 residents, and the tourist population often exceeds the permanent population. The city currently brings in a yearly average of $529,800,000 to the Utah Economy in tourism dollars, with $80,000,000 of that total attributed to the Sundance Film Festival.

Park City, Utah is also home to two major ski resorts that include Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort.

 Two important ski teams call Park City, Utah home, including:

 Major businesses that have their headquarters in Park City, Utah include:

Park City is home to numerous forests, hot springs, reservoirs, hiking and biking trails that open its beauty to the public at every turn. With factory outlet stores in abundance, the city has expansive shopping opportunities combined with dining and entertainment options for all ages.

Smoak Law, P.C. Park City, Utah Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

At Smoak Law, P.C., our Park City, Utah family law attorneyEmily Smoak, has more than 25 years of experience protecting the rights of our clients and ensuring they receive the best outcomes available for each of their unique cases.

Our Park City, Utah family law attorney practice areas include:

No matter what type of legal representation you or a loved one requires, our experienced Park City, Utah family law attorney will provide exceptional guidance inside and outside of the courtroom, so you can face your legal needs with confidence.

When Should I Hire A Park City, Utah Family Law Attorney?

The moment you feel things are amiss in your personal relationship, whether it is in your marriage, with your children, or if you need help with modifying an existing court order, contacting an experienced family law attorney in Park City will provide the protection you need to ensure your best interests are at the forefront of your case.

Private matters like divorce, alimony, and child support are often topics people want to keep to themselves, as they are highly personal. We understand. Our Park City family law attorney’s experience allows each of our clients to have more than exceptional legal representation when dealing with these issues, but an advocate who can provide results for their unique circumstances.

We focus on eliminating the stress that family law matters cause in our clients’ lives, so they can move forward with a determined and positive outlook. With our Park City family law lawyers law firm by your side, you have a partner to lean on throughout the legal process – and going forward, should you need additional guidance with the initial ruling. We know that things can change as your child grow older, and we can help ensure the financial aspects of your divorce reflect their – and your – personal needs going forward.

How Can The Park City, Utah Divorce And Family Lawyer at Smoak Law, P.C. Help Me?

Our Smoak Law P.C. Park City divorce lawyer understands that your personal legal needs may seem similar to someone you know, but they are in fact unique. Throughout the State of Utah, the divorce rate has maintained a consistent level of 4.1 divorces for every 1,000 marriages over the past 25 years, which means none of us are strangers to the personal and family changes that come with marriage dissolution.

The difference within our law firm is that our Park City divorce attorney can prepare you for each aspect of your divorce, so you have solutions for each of your unique needs. No matter how long you have been married, it is important to have a support system in place when divorce proceedings begin – starting with an accomplished Park City family law attorney who can guide you through the legal process swiftly and effectively.

Our Park City family law firm delivers precise results, so you can focus on your future.  

Contact Our Family Law Attorney in Park City, Utah Today For a Consultation

Family law matters may seem intimidating, and the physical and emotional exhaustion that accompanies divorce or child custody hearings can take an immense toll on your overall well-being. When our clients are anxious and confused, our Park City family law lawyer provide straightforward answers that allow each of them to make informed decisions about their future.

If you are considering a divorce, or have been served with divorce papers by your spouse,  contact our experienced divorce and family law attorney in Park City, Utah today at (801) 535-4311 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can protect your rights while pursuing the best outcome available for your case.

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