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Client Reviews

Good Attorney

As hard as divorce is Emily was always there to answer my questions and a pleasure to work with . She was always available to answer my questions quickly and competently. I would highly recommend her to assist you in a most unpleasant legal matter. What I found is that you need someone that you can communicate with clearly and that listens to your needs. Emily did both 100% for me.

- anonymous



I went through a divorce and it was nasty on his part and Emily helped me through the whole thing calmly and very professionally! She knows what she’s doing and you can tell she loves what she does! She’s incredibly smart and very protective and professional! She helped me get through a nasty divorce quickly and helped me get custody of my daughter! She knew what the focus was(getting my daughter) and she helped me get there! I highly recommend Emily Smoak and I will always refer others to her for divorce and custody!

- Aija


Solid Choice and Good Counsel

Emily, was my attorney during an emotionally charged divorce and custody battle. The advice and representation was personally tailored and she handled the courtroom like a professional.
Although it was a difficult time, the outcome was positive due to the work Emily put into it.
I have recommended her to several close friends based on the quality experience I had.

- anonymous


Smart very capable attorney

Ms. Smoak is a very smart and capable attorney. Ms. Smoak has represented friends of mine. In each case she was very responsive, meticulous in her preparation, and very successful. Ms. Smoak is a very good attorney who I highly recommend.

- Edward


Exceptional human being, exceptional attorney

Emily has been my attorney for the last 12 years. I don’t think either one of us thought my divorce would be the treacherous and vindictive struggle that it was. Who knew that in 12 years I would be in court 3 different times for a single divorce. Through Emily’s thoughtful and common sense counsel, with what could have been an absolute horrific experience, my case was resolved with very positive outcome each time, one of the times I was even awarded significant attorney fees. Emily is always one to take the high road, encouraging those around her to do the same. I will always be grateful to Emily for her wisdom, experience and especially her ability to empathize, most people can’t or won’t do this.




Family law can be painful when you are sad and your life is crumbling around you. But, I was fortunate enough to meet an exceptional human being who took my part and fought the battle for me, Emily Broadhead Smoak. Now, she was an exceptional attorney, calm, poised and very knowledgeable, and we had a stunning victory over injustice that was a complete legal knockout (I have had very few of those in my life). But that part wasn’t the part that moved me. Prior to our moment in court, we sat through about 20 minutes of a rather acrimonious divorce where a man and woman who were once in love spewed poison at one another. I heard Emily very low but quite clearly say to herself “I don’t think my husband could do anything that would cause me to divorce him like this”. Stunned, I sat still for a moment. And asked, Nothing? and this part I am less clear on but it went something like this…”after sitting through these cases and seeing the pain I just couldn’t do it’. That impressed me…deeply. Here I had the legal equivalent of a Great White and she was a believer in marriage and commitment and didn’t thrive on the seedy side of the business. She was a friend to me when I needed it, a calm voice in a storm and a great human being. And just in case you were wondering, Justice and Emily prevailed

- W.R.


Emily saved us

In 2009 an attorney told me to walk away from my poisonous marriage and leave my children behind. As a father and immigrant I would have no chance of custody in Utah and my only hope would be that my children would want to be with me once they become teenagers. That was not an option because I knew what would happen to my kids during those years. In 2011 I separated. Since the end of that year Emily walked with me through a divorce that became a four year lasting all out assault on my integrity and my children’s well being and safety. Today I have 100 percent physical custody and my children are doing well. Thank you Emily for saving us.

- M.


Frustrated consumer

I have known Emily for a number of years. I was in business for myself and purchased from a company a piece of equipment I used in my business. I could tell very soon that the equipment was defective. I was unable to get my money back until I got Emily involved. After her contact with the company I was able to receive a full refund. I was very grateful for her help. This was not a family law case, but Emily didn’t hesitate to assist me with my problem.

- Jan


Emily Smoak is hands down the best choice

My wife hired Emily to help her end an ongoing custody battle between her and her ex. I’ve stood beside her and watched as Emily gracefully navigated through that mess. Some attorneys pick battles and belittle the opposing side out of arrogance which unfortunately prolongs the fight. Emily has the self control to treat the other side with respect. That’s not to say she is a “push over” by any means. I wouldn’t want to find myself on her opposers side, but she understands what it means to be respectful regardless of the other side’s manners or actions. Most attorneys are hard to reach and even harder to get responses from. Regardless of how busy Emily gets, it is rare that my wife can’t reach her via text or phone and in the 3 years that Emily has represented her, she has never gone more than a few hours without a response. I don’t know if any of you have experienced the frustration of paying for attorney that you cannot reach but when you’re dealing with custody, when a day turns into a week or longer since you’ve been able to reach your attorney, that waiting time can be painful. Emily is hands down the best choice to represent you if you’re needing quality work.

- anonymous


Go with the best!

When I began my journey, I had no idea what divorce would look, nor feel like. I do remember that the overwhelming feeling was one of distrust. I no longer trusted my wife, I lost trust in my friends and almost lost trust in my own self. I had never sought legal counsel before in my life. I was told to not trust attorneys, as they were all out for themselves…
I was referred to Smoak Law, P.C. by a colleague and he assured me that Emily Smoak was different from the rest. This could not be more accurate! I can say with full confidence and exhilaration that hiring Emily Smoak was one of the best decisions that I have made. Smoak Law has exceeded my expectations, first as a kind, patient, listener, as well as trusted, ethical legal counsel. She is the best! Divorce is never easy and I would imagine divorce is rarely pretty. Emily has made this journey more than tolerable as she of course looked out for my best interest, but she was fundamentally attentive to the on-going interest of the children and the family as a whole.
I hope to never again need Family or Legal Counsel of this type again, but if I am in need of any legal guidance, whether I am an official client or not, I trust that Emily Smoak would give me honest, fair and professional advice. I would recommend anyone who is going through this type of transitional time of their Family and their lives to work with Emily. In me, Smoak Law has gained one new client and now one more lifelong evangelist. With Emily Smoak, I have gained a trusted advisor as well as a friend!

- Harvey



Emily took over my case and had more movement in a week than my other lawyer had accomplished in 9 months. While I appreciate and respect Emily’s experience, work ethic, and intelligence, I think what stands out most for me is her honesty. In the legal arena, that is unfortunately hard to find and it was and has continued to be a priceless asset since working with her. Emily doesn’t do, (won’t even allow me to ask her to do) fruitless tasks for the sake of taking more money from her clients. She is realistic and straight forward. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone regardless of the case. I would trust her with any legal I need done. She is the only attorney I will ever work with.

- MH


Forever Grateful

Emily Smoak is an excellent attorney and I will be forever grateful to her. I am now happily married for a year and life is wonderful. Thank you for helping me at a time when I needed it most. My ex was after my house and my beloved dog after our divorce. Emily used the “pandora’s box” analogy to tell the Judge why he should not reopen the case. It was a solid win. Afterwards, my wife screamed at me in the hall and Emily told her to walk away. But, what I remember most was her kindness, and she impressed me as somebody with dignity and ethics.

- Randall


Smoak Law Client Reviews