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Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney

Caring Guidance and Smart Legal Solutions for Adoptions

Smoak Law P.C. provides comprehensive, individual, and affordable legal assistance to adoptive parents, adoption agencies, and birth parents in a professional and supportive environment, including international, domestic, special-needs, contested, appeals, interstate, second parent, stepparent, relative, minority adoptions and same sex couple adoptions. Adoption law is complicated and challenging and requires the dedication of an experienced legal staff.

At Smoak Law P.C., our Salt Lake City adoption lawyer believe that you deserve the very best. If we cant help you, we will gladly partner with one of our Adoption Specialists partners to ensure your case is handled properly.

If the child you hope to adopt either resides in Utah or is expected to be born in Utah, you will need an Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney, often known as an Intermediary to handle the placement and legal processing for you.

Get Representation With Our Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney

While the Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney represents the adoptive parents for purposes of handling the legal adoption of the child, the Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney also has significant responsibilities to the child to insure his/her safety and welfare in the placement.

For this reason, a good Salt Lake City Adoption Lawyer will often assist adoptive parents in locating a social worker or adoption agency to do a home study for the adoptive parents with required background checks and clearances. This study will be filed with the court as evidence of the appropriateness of the home for the child.

Salt Lake City adoption attorney at Smoak Law, P.C. will insure that any required documents are completed and signed by the birth mother and/or birth father prior to the placement. We will work to take care of processing the termination of parental rights which makes the child legally available for adoption. Salt Lake City adoption lawyer will also make sure that all documents required by the court are correctly and timely filed so that the adoption of the child can be finalized.

Although the Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney does not legally represent the birth parents, if there is a stated need, or request by a birth parent, for assistance with medical or legal expenses, we will assist with the handling of these expenses.

At Smoak Law, P.C., our divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah focuses on the following practice areas:

Call Our Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney Now!

Our Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney can serve as Intermediaries for the placement of children with adoptive parent. You may call and schedule a consultation for a better idea of what will be required in your specific case.

  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Grandparent Adoptions
  • Relative Adoptions
  • DCF Adoptions
  • Interstate Adoption/Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC)
  • Re-Adoption/Domestication of Foreign Decree of Adoption
  • Adoption of Children who are not U.S. Citizens
  • Finalization of Adoption

Smoak Law Adoption Attorney

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